It’s Mommy Time—  5 Realistic Relaxation Tips for Mom

    The average day for a super mom is filled with hustle, bustle, and boogers.

    Moms do it all and more— even with one child, your life can be consumed with all the tasks of motherhood. It can be difficult to catch a break because moms are constantlyputting everyone else first.

    Taking time for yourself as a mother iscritical to a happy household.

    Mom walking with baby Stroller

    But let’s be real, Mommy Time is precious and only comes once in a blue moon.

    Moms don’t typically have time to go out and enjoy a spa day or weekend vacation. Simple things to save your sanity that are realistic are exactly what you'll need as the mom who does it all.

    Here are 5 Realistic Relaxation Tips for Mom:

    1 Exercise

    With whatever form of exercise you enjoy, take a few minutes tomove your body. It clears your mind and strengthens your amazing body so you can carry around that baby car seat with ease! Take your stroller and go on a walk or run, swim in the pool,dance in the mirror to Beyoncé, or lift weights during your baby’s naptime.

    Exercise releases endorphins, making you less stressed and a whole lot happier.

    Two ladies doing exercise

    2 Take a bath

    Pop some bubbly and sink into a bubble bath. Add a little epsom salt for your tired mom-muscles and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. If it’s 10 minutes or 40 minutes,a bath will make all the difference. There is something purifying about soaking in a steamy tub with the lights off and a candle burning.

    Bath Tub

    3 Pamper yourself at home

    No, you probably don’t have time to sneak out and get your nails and hair done— simply create asmall pampering night for yourself at home. Apply a homemade face masque or hair masque and just relax with your feet soaking in a tub! You’ll rescue your skin, hair, and sanity.

    You could even invite over another mom-friend and have a few minutes (or more, if you’re lucky) of girl-talk.

    Female with blonde color hair

    4 Read a book / listen to a podcast.

    If you enjoy getting lost in the pages of literature or soothing yourself with the voice of a British man reading to you, a book or podcast may be the perfect way for you to relax. Cozy up on the couch or bring a flashlight to the closet (let’s be real, the kids will not bother you there) and dive into a fantasy world. After all,reading helps reduce stress!

    If you need to take a drive to get your babe to sleep, listen to a podcast while you cruise.

    A girl with a book

    5 Pick up a simple hobby

    Do something you love: complete a puzzle, plant a garden, bake some treats, learn how to sew.Find a hobby that inspires you! You can learn something new, or do something you’ve always known how to do that eases your mind. It may take 3 weeks to finish your 5000 piece puzzle because you only have ten minutes each day to add to it, but that isten minutes of YOU-time!

    You can improve your talents or serve someone in need while doing something you love.

    cactus gardening

    Whether you have 5 minutes a day, or 2 hours a day, Mommy Time is SO IMPORTANT.

    Don’t feel guilty or selfish about taking time for yourself. By taking time to recuperate as a mother, you will feel more balanced, awakened, clear-minded, and self-aware. You will have more love for yourself and therefore,more love to give your sweet babies!

    Take a few minutes ofRealistic Mommy Time each day in order to meet your#momgoals.